Inception Bar and Grill



Sunday-CLOSED (until football season)
Monday-3:00pm to early evening
Tuesday 3:00pm to evening
Wednesday 3:00pm to late evening
Thursday 3:00pm to later evening
Friday 3:00pm to late night
Saturday 3:00pm to very late night

Large parties Welcome!! Call ahead for seating and to arrange date and times.

Our juicy fire-grilled burgers are lightly seasoned with our  rub and cooked over an open flame to bring out the unique texture and flavors.


How to Find Us

Coated with our rub and fire-grilled, our signature steak has a flavor all it's own. No steak sauce required!

Tuesday-B.O.G.O.Fajitas for $15.99;  That's right Buy One Get One FREE from 4-10PM. When they're gone they're gone! $2.75 Modelo, Dos Equis bottles and $5.00 Margaritas from 4-10PM.


Thursday-$7.99 Basic Burger with Fries and sweet or unsweet tea. Special runs from 5-10PM.


Daily Specials

Bringing The Heat

inception bar and grill in Apollo Beach how to find us


Whether you're looking for something for your vegetarian friends, or you want a little chicken on your salad, we have something for everyone.


250 Apollo Beach Boulevard, Apollo Beach, FL, United States

Telephone:  [813.260.3114]


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